Rapper and songwriter Legrand is a musician of hip hop, and other genres. As an artist, Legrand has plans to use his platform for goals that go beyond music. An environmentalist, activist, and a social justice advocate, Legrand only intends his music to be a part of a bigger goal. The artist wishes to connect with his fans and support hip-hop culture, and in doing so, he also wants to create a space to discuss other pertinent issues such as the ones already mentioned above. The rapper believes in creating balance as he tries out new things and opens up new platforms to facilitate more meaningful discussions for lasting change.

Currently, Legrand uses his website as a platform for visitors to relax and enjoy good music. In light of current global issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist wishes his website to offer a mental escape from all kinds of negativity. The website is interactive and encourages users to sign up and give their valuable feedback.

In the latest news, artist Legrand has recently released his latest single, "Quarandreaming aka Isla Fiesta." The video, shot in Costa Rica, serves as a refreshing break to the viewer. His forthcoming single, "My Time 2 Shine", is scheduled to be released in summer 2021; it anticipates how things will be once places start to open up.

Legrand has launched a challenge on this site to give listeners a choice to vote for where he will debut his performance of Quarandreaming; either in Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. To give your input, visit www.legrandescape.com and vote for your favorite destination!

Musician, activist, and a responsible citizen – Legrand is a multi-talented artist on a mission to make a difference. An optimist and a believer in humanity, he also wishes to spread positive vibes through music.