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About Me



Legrand the recording artist, climate activist and podcast host of The Keep That Same Green Energy Podcast ™

Legrand is an entrepreneur, artist and self-proclaimed climate activist using his platform to educate, empower and advocate for climate action and sustainability efforts. A change agent and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his work to reflect his underlying values of activism and empowerment. It’s not just about this moment – it's more about the Keep That Same Green Energy ™ movement. The mission of CTFR Consulting, LLC - #keepthatsamegreenenergy movement is to recognize and reward that cohort of people and resources that are committed to mitigate the impact of climate change, encourage sustainability and universal SDG efforts. Legrand and CTFR Consulting LLC have dedicated this space as a platform to champion that same green energy towards climate action and support creative content in the process.

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After learning about Legrand the climate activist, please be sure to check out more of his music and exclusive unreleased content by joining the members page.

As an artist, Legrand has plans to use his platform for goals that go beyond music. With a supplemental focus on fighting climate change, Legrand wants to be a continued voice in the global community that spreads awareness on how to we all can do our part to protect the environment and work toward a better future.


In recent months, Legrand has released a few singles, 'My Time 2 Shine', Been Through It and Bring Me Back. He plans to release an album of songs produced exclusively for the Keep That Same Green Energy Podcast™ closer to year end. Sign up on the member page to find out more details.

Most recently, Legrand has been selected to perform at the Kansai Music Conference in Japan in October of 2024. In addition to performances there, Legrand plans to present to some students there and interview people for the Keep That Same Green Energy Podcast™ as well.

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