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Legrand is a one of a kind musical artist making waves in the music industry with his unique approach to hiphop music. A staunch environmentalist and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his music career to reflect his underlying values and philosophy. Rapper and songwriter, Legrand is a hiphop musician who creates music that frequently crosses over to other genres, reaching a wide variety of audiences.  Legrand released his second single from his current music project, 'My Time 2 Shine' later last year. His forthcoming single, 'Been Through it', is scheduled to be released closer to the end of the Spring. An optimist and a believer in humanity, Legrand wishes to spread positive vibes through music.


Been Through It                                         SANTA AINT COMING

Quarandreaming aka Isla Fiesta

That’s How It’s Going Down

The Professional

Bring Me Back


My Time 2 Shine

The Professional- Album

Illusions of Legrandeur- Album

48 Hours by G.U.M.B.O- Album

The Family Stands by G.U.M.B.O- Album

The Chosen by G.U.M.B.O- Album



Boricua Festival


 Trifecta Concert

June 2022

 Kings and Queens Concert

September 2022

Kansai Music Conference

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