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Legrand is an entrepreneur, artist and climate action advocate using his platform to educate, inspire and advocate for climate action and sustainability efforts. A change agent and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his work to reflect his underlying values of activism and empowerment. It’s not just about this moment – it's more about the #keepthatsamegreenenergy movement. The mission of CTFR Consulting, LLC - #keepthatsamegreenenergy movement is to recognize and reward that elite cohort of people and resources that are committed to climate mitigation, sustainability and universal SDG efforts. Legrand and CTFR Consulting LLC have dedicated this space to sharing his  signature sound with audiences across the globe while championing that same green energy towards climate action.

Legrand will kick off the new year following up the success of the ‘Santa Ain't Coming’ holiday single and music video, with the release of the My Time 2 Shine music video shot and edited by Trife of JunkiesATL. 
Until then, please continue to support Legrand and his merchandise, Climate Action and always #keepthatsamegreenenergy  A large percentage of the proceeds from merchandise, music, lecture series or live performances go directly to non-profit So Am I Worthy, Inc to be used to empower black indigenous women of color singer-songwriters.

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